Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Costco Hot Dog Almost 3 Decades Later: Still $1.50

Do you guys have a Costco in your area? More to the point, do you shop there? If you do then you've seen the food court and you've probably noticed this offering.

They stopped offering the Polish Sausage at my Costco about 10 years ago, though.
I hadn't really given it much thought previously, but that is a pretty good deal these days! Good on you, Costco. The story and history behind the "Hot Dog Combo" really makes for some surprisingly interesting reading!

Feel free to check out this article if you want. I'm a pretty jaded guy but I really would like to believe that the Costco company is a nice place to work and shop.

Yeah, I was feeling hungry when I wrote this. In other news, I'm thinking about starting a Tumblr micro-blog(?) so I can more easily follow them. Furthermore, I think I'm going to start another blog(spot) devoted to posting classic stuff from my childhood. That one won't have a post-everyday schedule like this one though.