Thursday, January 12, 2012

So Why Another Blog?

In case you wondered what motivated me to want to make a blog about old stuff, it was this image I found a few days ago.

I realized some people might not get the reference. Yeah! I know, right? Sometimes it seems odd to me that some people have never heard something or never seen something I consider to be an integral thread in the fabric of popular culture. Like the Mario Brothers. Or The Proclaimers. Even if most people only know them by that one song.

As with this very blog you're reading, the second blog is only partly for the sake of readers. I really want to make a personal chronicle of things that have left their mark on my own perception of pop culture's tapestry, too. Everyone else can come along for the ride. (^_^)-b

Incidentally, I believe many of the new generation will have had their first exposure to this song through (what else?) television. Specifically one gag from an episode of Family Guy and one episode from How I Met Your Mother. A round of applause for the writing teams for these two shows please. Someones in there know what is up. (^_^)-b*twinkle