Monday, January 30, 2012


I hate dieting. By that I don't mean to say I hate TO diet, because I don't, at all. Ever. I'm thin by nature. I mean to say that I despise the notion that people have of eating less to lose weight in order to become thin. I sit here and I think to myself, "Eating too much is only one of your problems. You also aren't doing anything with yourself."
The worst thing is when I hear someone say they're dieting to lose weight, just for aesthetic reasons. Then I'm like, "Bitch, don't try to get skinny, get FIT!" There's a difference.

Fat, skinny, these are nothing by themselves. BE FIT EITHER WAY, DAMN IT.

Check out my boy here by the name of NO EXCUSES. Let 'im inspire ya.

And another seemingly 'fat' guy who is more awesome than you:

Ah, Sammo, so awesome.