Friday, January 20, 2012

Already Bad with DMCA, Straight Fucked With SOPA/PIPA

Megaupload got black-bagged on Thursday. This is what will happen all the time under SOPA/PIPA. We're not on the slippery slope anymore, guys. We're going over the edge, make no mistake about that.

On the plus side, both bills got shelved because of our show of opposition! The People ain't so retarded after all, eh?

Still, the problem hasn't disappeared. We've only won a battle, not the war. Those big companies are still circling and they still have DMCA. The link will take you to more information. It's a good article.

Piracy is crime, no doubt about that. Criminals do what they do. But guess what? Censorship isn't the right way to fight it. Let's look at this fact: A lot of people pirate music. Yeah, you know who we you are. And, yes, people used sites like Megaupload to do it. But guess what happens now that you've taken that site down? Music pirates everywhere cry out and reluctantly buy stuff?

Naw, man. They go somewhere else. Hear this, record companies: It's easy to download music. Let me say that again. It's easy to download music. Oh, did you notice the word I left out? I didn't say "illegally". Betcha didn't notice that the first time, didja? But have you heard of iTunes? Do you know how much money iTunes pulls in? Oh, hey look at that. Millions of dollars that people didn't have to spend but did anyway. How do you explain that? People are WILLING to pay money for products they want. Revolutionary and shocking, I know. Don't tell me they didn't know how to download mp3s either, man. That's weak.

Change always threatens part of the Establishment. It's a fact of reality. Get with the digital times or you'll go the way of Kodak, you guys.