Monday, December 19, 2011

Life and Zelda

As I've said before, I hold this blogging thing very dear and I seriously consider what you guys say to me.
Case in point, one of the comments from the previous post on immortality came from D4 saying, "It's not like you'd run out of things to do or learn, more of you'd just get "tired" of things to do and learn."
To that I couldn't really find the words to formulate my rebuttal for a while. I didn't disagree, but I felt something lacking from that reasoning. As I re-read it, -E- posted a comment pointing back to one of his earlier posts. When I initially wrote my entry I hadn't been thinking about that phrase, 'plus ca change' but as I poked around I noticed that it fit.

D4 had a point; after a couple lifetimes of living a guy might grow weary of doing, well, just about anything really. For example, I know I get tired of watching TV, even quality programming, after an extended stretch of time, and I'm not even close to immortal. Imagine a person having seen so-called 'fresh, exciting and new' shows come in every few years.

But have you ever played any of the Legend of Zelda games? Or how about a fighting game? Or an FPS? Or just about any genre of game? But I like the parallel to Zelda particularly well because, look, every game has the same plot. But guess what? They are all different enough in game mechanics, look and feel that I have never gotten the feeling, "Man, I've already done this. This isn't fun." Would I play all of them in a long marathon? No. I'm sure to get bored. But after playing one, having some time pass and then playing another I enjoy the new incarnation for its own sake.

An immortal could conceivably get bored of 'stuff' after a while but, as a human being, I don't think s/he would remain that way for the rest of his/her existence. Immortal or no, that's a human being. It doesn't matter how long that person has lived, time passes at the same rate, no? The ents and elves and dwarves might feel that a human's life passes in the blink of an eye but for a human, of any kind, every hour should still be an hour.
It strikes me that this is all just rhetorical speculation of the kind I wouldn't tolerate in a debate concerning more down-to-earth topics. But for discussions of this nature, e.g. super powers, zombie outbreaks, etc., I let those prejudices go.