Monday, April 23, 2012

This Time I Leave Her

Z-girl, my brother, and I had taken shelter in a half-constructed house. Not all the doors had been installed yet and some of the walls were still just struts. We sat to rest and put down our backpacks. Bro went off to use the bathroom and we sat to wait for him. After some time Z-girl looks up and says, "This is the first time we've let someone go off alone... we shouldn't have done that." We get up and I think, Shit. Bro comes running back down the hall with some '28 Days Later' pseudo-zombies tearing after him. If you'll recall, I loved that movie. And those were the best/fastest p-zombies, too. But I'm sure you'll understand why I wasn't thrilled to see them right that second. We take off up the stairs toward the unfinished attic. One of them grabs Bro's arm just as he clears the stairs and they bite his arm. You all know that's a death sentence, yes?

Now for a sidenote: My brother used to play a lot of CounterStrike. There was one play mode that made one team "zombies". They had movement speed bonuses, everything had a green tinge and they could only use melee attacks, i.e. the knife. It was a one-hit kill on the 'humans' side and that player would then immediately become a zombie, i.e. switch teams. I'd watch some of his matches. The prevailing strategy was for the humans to find a corner room in a map and barricade up the entrance. Eventually the zombies would always break through and turn someone, at which point that guy would immediately turn around and attack his teammates. What struck me was how everyone would take the team-change in stride so easily and turn on their former team-mates with such gusto.

So anyway, that bit of information drifted across my sub-conscience and it rapidly implemented it into the dream fabric.

Bro gets bitten and he turns around and starts running at me immediately. I'm halfway up the attic stairs and I see this transpire. I got angry and yelled indignantly, "HEY, YOU DON'T GET TURNED THAT FAST! HOLD THEM OFF FOR A LITTLE ANYWAY, THEN COME AFTER US, JACKASS." I threw my heavy backpack into the p-zombie that bit him and turn up into the attic. Bro stood still for a more suitably acceptable period of time before following. Z-girl and I run up to the edge and see that the house we chose is inconveniently taller than its neighbors. Jumping is not an option. Guess we have to fly. Z-girl has reservations once again. (⌐ ⌐_) Having learned my lesson last time I take off into the sky. Alone.