Monday, April 16, 2012

To Secure, Contain, and Protect

A year ago I found some creepypasta (Creepy shit. I love it.) on the internet, as I do. It's called The Holders Series. It's shitty. Well, ok, the first one I read tickled my fancy, what with the esoteric rituals and such. But, well, repetitive and stale succinctly describe all the rest. The parodies perfectly capture the wackiness of it all. I'll say no more.

Then, two days from now (huehuehue time travel is cool), I learned about SCP - Containment Breach and that shit is good. Some of it isn't even really creepy, per se, but it's so fascinating. Playing the alpha version of the game now. Yeah! Alpha. Not even beta stage yet. This thing has promise. A blink gauge? Hell, I never even thought of that.

And you can read all the mythology here. It's what I'm doing right now. I- I mean, two days from now.