Friday, April 27, 2012


Well, this one doesn't really have to do with racism really, but I can't think of any more apt label. And I don't wanna make a new one.

Most white people don't even know what their names mean, nor do they care beyond a trivial level. How many Davids, Richards, Michaels, and Roberts do you know? And the Matts. They love 'Matt'. And don't even start on the Williams and Johns.

My name? My real name, I mean. You'll never have to ask, "Which one?" when talking to someone about me.

I've never cared for middle names. But then, when your surname is something common like 'Davis' or 'Johnson' and your parents are unoriginal, I suppose it's best to give your child an extra operator, just in case.  

John Davis? I know seven of those! Oh, John ANTHONY Davis? Only two. Much better.

I've never cared for double first names either. Especially if the names are both common. John-Davis? Mary-Beth?  I'm like, "Make up your damn mind, gee." I know one person with a double first name. Everyone just calls him the first half. Whadja expect? It's like calling your kid Bertrand these days. Ya gotta know everyone is just going to call him 'Bert'. (A fate I, myself, narrowly avoided.)