Thursday, April 26, 2012

Too Much PC Is Bad For Your Health

I think it's stupid to use 'African American' as a substitute for 'black'. Why? Because not all Africans are black. Yeah. Surprising, isn't it? Welcome to the present.

Also, it's really long to type every time. I first noticed that when writing a paper in high school at some point. I started shortening it to 'AA' but I use those initials for something else these days.

Unlike, say, Asians, blacks in the U.S. don't have deep cultural connections to their motherlands. For example, Chinese immigrants, they and their children and grandchildren will know they're from Chinese stock.
I hope. ABC's these days.... I dunno...
Same for Japanese, Korean, Filipino, etc. But black people whose ancestors were slaves? They don't know where. Sadly, that kind of thing didn't get passed down to the current generation. It's ironically parallel to how most white Americans are just 'white' even in their own minds. They feel little to no connection at all to wherever their ancestors came from. Polish, Greek, Irish, British? Nope, just American. Hell, they definitely don't speak anything but, that's for sure.