Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey, Look Over There!

When I was a kid, we made a trip to Disney World. Or was it Disney Land? World. Pretty sure it was World. (The one in Florida, right?) My sister, my mom, and I got on one of the 'haunted house'-type rail-cart rides. The ones that take people through rooms with holograms. We got to one section where there was banquet hall off to the right with the holographic ghosts flying everywhere, wreaking havoc and such, as they do. From my angle I could see further up the train and noticed a point where a banshee head on a stick would pop up alongside the cart, right in the face of whoever took the "window seat". In our cart? That was my sister. Being the clever mean guy I am was, I timed my action and said, "Hey, 家姐, look out there!" so she turned and leaned out just as the banshee popped up and screamed at her, almost nose to nose.

The aftermath.