Monday, April 2, 2012

Well Damn, I Missed That One

Woops, guess what guys? That last post was #300. Was I supposed to do something to commemorate the occasion?
Anyway, last night- what should I call these segments? It's getting repetitive to have to tell you guys, "I had a dream..." every time.
(~_ ̄ ̄)~*DREAM*~( ̄ ̄_~)

I ended up in a small town somewhere in the French countryside. A castle stood up on a hill against a dark blue sky. It was late at night and the streetlamps made little circles of light dotting the streets but deepened the shadows in the alleys. I had on a paratrooper backpack as I ran toward the castle. Then these two girls pulled up and cornered me in one of the alleys. They tossed me in the back and took off. We pulled up to the docks at the edge of the moat and I hopped out and ran around the corner of the guardhouse. I'm not sure if they were allies or enemies because I felt the urge to get away from them quickly. I took a running jump and cat leapt across the water. In real life that probably wouldn't have worked because the sides of a moat are usually naturally defended with slick algae growth from the stagnant water. Once inside I met up with my contact, a guy named Oslo Sederis, but he looked like my high school history teacher.

That's all I remember.