Monday, April 9, 2012

Hmmm.... Now I'm Not Sure

BTW, this week's been pretty hectic so I've fallen behind on these posts. Instead of putting a little "Posting for #/##" blurb at the top like I used to I'm just going to use the handy scheduler to go back in time.

I've previously mentioned my preference for short girls here. Remember how I said it wasn't because I wanted a meek and helpless damsel? That's still true but now I have to admit that the appearance does actually appeal to me. Damn! I don't like it when they actually are timid but that 'mousy girl' look draws me in.

I met a nicely short girl a while back who made me think about this topic again. I wasn't entirely convinced that time and I set it down. That is, until I met another girl today. Let's call her 814-girl. She is also that nice short I like so much. It prompted my thoughts again and such consistency is enough proof for me to edit my 'personal mental file', as it were. No sense lying to you guys and myself, eh?