Saturday, November 19, 2011

Van Pics

Today I was surprised to learn that the Chrysler corporation closed down their Plymouth brand a full decade ago. No more Plymouth Voyagers. Ever.

As promised, I present pictures of the van.

The Interior

You can see Ding Dong hanging on the ledge there.
Check out the cutting edge TAPE player, man!! State of the art sound system right hee-ah!
Someone bought an alligator skin pattern steering wheel cover. I can't get it off....

These days the headlight controls and the windshield wiper controls come together on the stick there. This car still has the headlight buttons on the separate panel, see?
The instrument panel is completely devoid of electronic displays. It's all old school meters here.
A handy storage unit in the center.
In case you were curious what that device was: my mp3 player, a Zen X-Fi from Creative. Not an iPod. Also, yes, I'm listening to K-pop.
In case you were curious what that reflection was: my camera, a Panasonic DMC-TZ4 with wide-angle lens! The 福 sticker doesn't come with. (O_<)
Under the steering column. Somewhere to the top left is the fuse block and behind that is the Body Control Module which I'll have to tinker with to disable that Door Ajar sensor.

The Exterior
The left rear tire is missing its hubcap. How unsightly....

The high contrast caused by the sunlight hides a lot of the blemishes on camera. You might be interested to know that this happens to be a common technique used by girls when taking their own Facebook profile pics. What trickery, eh?
This minivan is the mid-level SE model of Voyager.
From this angle the car looks slightly longer than true.
Here's a good angle where you can clearly see the paint blemishes on the hood.
The roof is actually pretty ok. That rust needs to come out though.
 And there you have it. First car worthy, certainly.