Monday, November 7, 2011

Needs Re-calibrating (>~<)

The past three nights I've had an unusually noticeable lack of traction when running in my dreams. It is as if I were trying to run through a liquid. I know, I know, "Why not just fly since you can anyway?" Well, sometimes I like to walk. On the ground. Ok? Makes me feel normal. hehe

These last few sessions weren't the first occurrences but I definitely took more notice of it than I have before. I was stalking the halls of the elementary school I attended. You know, the stuffy Catholic one. Unfortunately, the building had been drastically renovated since I'd last been inside. (Both in the dream and in real life. In both respects.) The ceilings aren't high so I suppose that factored into my decision to hotfoot it out of a sticky situation rather than take off. And then the very air betrayed me. Its viscosity became as syrup or perhaps a dense pool. Mercifully, breathing remained unaffected. Still, every step took a valiant effort and when I tried to speed my stride I would QWOP over backwards. How frustrating.

Maybe I'm turning my Floatiness setting too far down, hmmm?