Saturday, November 12, 2011

Annoyance #1: Stale Joke

I present to you a new series of things that annoy me. A list of pet peeves if you like. That is to say, certain things of no real consequence that evoke a disproportionate amount of dissatisfaction on my part. There exist a great many wrongs of significance that urk me but these do not rank among them. This I will grudgingly admit.
When people with birthdays that land on leap years say they're only 1/4 of their age, e.g. "I'm only 5 years old." This is retarded. Regardless of the infrequent occurrance of the day of February the 29th, another cycle of 365 days has passed since your birth. People born on leap days merely have their birthdays fall on March 1st in common years, if they so choose. They can properly say, "I've only had 5 birthdays" perhaps, but they better have forfeited those intervening common year celebrations to earn this privilege. The absence of a 4/29 date on which to celebrate does not magically keep your age in stasis. Celebrate it or not, you've gotten older, punk.