Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'd like to make it known that I do not intend to make the 'double post every other day' my new pattern. My aunts came down to visit the uncle (the one who was in the hospital) and I didn't get reliable and adequate access to internet for a while.

In other news they brought a portable electric radiator heater with them. I don't know about you but I've always believed radiators to be terribly inefficient heating elements. It relies purely on natural convection currents to spread heat around the room. This has always left me in a cold room with a large and cumbersome block that is hot/warm to the touch. AND NOTHING ELSE. Good for nothing but heating a pair of socks I'd lay across the top. THESE AREN'T RADIATORS, THEY RADIATE NOTHING! If anything these devices should be called convectors (I am unsure if this is an actual word but I'll say it anyway).

Is it just me? Did I just have a bad set, as it were? It can't be that radiators are just universally inefficient like this, right?
Note: When I say inefficient I don't mean the ratio of energy input to air temperature conversion. That is to say, radiator heaters may be perfectly non-wasteful with the energy put into operation but if it only heats the air by a few degrees I remain unsatisfied.

In my experience ceramic heaters and parabolic heaters are the best for doing what I want out of a heater: making me warm. The parabolic heater is great when I just need to heat my one self but it doesn't warm the air much. Therefore, the ceramic fan heater earns my top spot.

Yeah, I just posted about heaters cuz it's cold here. Lord Stark was right. Winter was coming.