Friday, December 9, 2011

An Odd Dream

This is a dream I had over the past weekend.

I was in D-girl's apartment. To be specific, it wasn't her IRL apartment, it was an apartment that only belonged to her in the dream. In addition, rather than her actual roommates she lived with some faceless strangers. ╮(╯_╰)╭ I realized that I had neglected to secure my bike so we go downstairs. This didn't make sense either, as you know, I drove to visit her so I wouldn't have had a bike with me. I made my way towards a parking garage (?) and encounter an old friend who I haven't seen in years. I believe this segment of the dream spawned from the fact that I was seeing other old friends after an extended hiatus. He picked me up, carried me around the corner of the garage and tossed me in the bushes. After that he disappeared but, more importantly, without the large building obstructing my view I could see a massive nimbocumulus cloud in the distance. That is a thundercloud if you didn't know. A feeling of trepidation chased us all back inside.

The following segment very clearly takes its inspiration from the Zombies mode from COD: Black Ops. All of us scrambled to batten down the hatches, held X to rebuild the barricades, and man strategic windows. I watched as the dark cloud moved over head. Moments after I began to think that the bottom of the cloud looked oddly solid and flat a large minigun drifted past the window. The cloud was a ship of some kind. To the right one of the flight-capable squid-like aliens from Crysis appeared and the gun opened fire. The sound waves from the gigantic gun shattered the windows. Instantly, Objective Markers appeared at these points and we had to board the openings shut. Soon after, a gondola like that of a zeppelin passed by and who should be seen at the controls but Boba Fett. Yes.


Yep. I like how I recognized where the fractured shards of sanity came from in this one.