Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friend Requirements

So about relationships. Well, to start, this post won't be about the really interesting romantic kind (sorry Mai). Those will come, yes?

Hakuna Matata, eh?

I have noticed that it is rather difficult to be a friend of mine. That is not to say I'm difficult to be friends with, or so I believe at any rate WAAHAHAhahaha. (>ワ<)ノ I mean to say it is not easy to be counted among my friends. I don't doubt that I sound all kinds of pompous and arrogant for saying so, but if I bent my words and changed my meaning then I'd just be lying to you guys to make myself seem like a different (better?) person, and that defeats the purpose of this blog.

I have a lot of requirements before accepting IRL Friend Requests. I won't give you a list. It might be used by spies trying to make their way into my inner circle one day. (⌐⌐__) (_¬¬)

But yeah. Not to make people who meet me nervous or anything. But you kinda already knew I have a judgmental streak, didn't you?

And if you first thought, "What? Who the hell are you that people have to jump through hoops to be your friend?" Well, no. I never demanded anyone to be my friend. And- Wait a sec, fuck you right back, man! I get to set my own standards for these things, B. We ain't in pre-school anymore. No one's going to push me together with some random kid and tell us to 'make nice'.

All in all, I don't really think I'm all that different from most people in this respect. I'm sure you all have people who you've met and don't care to hang out with. But maybe you're too polite to ever say so to anyone and too polite to say no to them when they invite themselves along. But fuck all that shit, man. Our lives are too short for that crap. And my life is too awesome to stand for his/her crap.

On the other hand, if you want to take it as a compliment, for all the peeps I already consider friends, you guys must be great! Let there be much rejoicing! \(≥ヮ≤)/

I've previously used this comic strip here.