Monday, December 12, 2011

TV Shows and My Attention Span

Posting for 12/6.

You remember K-ON!, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones and Sasuke? Yeah, I haven't done any watching of those shows of my own volition in a long while.

I hesitate to say I've gotten bored of them, that isn't quite the feeling. I suppose I am just not in the mood to watch them at the moment. Why don't I just watch it anyway?

Well, now. Here's my thought process on that. If I watched it now, when I don't really feel like it, I wouldn't get as much enjoyment out of the experience as I would have otherwise. A friend once told me that was such a deep way of looking at it. I can understand that feeling. It's still good, right? You'll still laugh when it's funny, etc., right? Well, yeah, but I wouldn't laugh as hard, you know?

And so they sit on the back burner, as they say. ╮(╯ヮ╰)╭ Until such time as they would bring me maximum returns on entertainment and enjoyment.

Within the family my sibs and I refer to this as the product in question having "gone out of phase". Picture a sinusoidal curve (or a co-sinusoidal curve, if you like). The amount of enjoyment rises to a peak, where we feel like playing the video game or watching a show all the time, then it peters out and we put it away in a corner for a while.