Friday, December 2, 2011

The Room [2003] Pt.4

This is it. This madness has gone on long enough.

A needlessly long sequence of Mark and Johnny running through the city wastes some more of my life. Next we find mom and Lisa talking again. About what, you ask? What else? The two of them rehash the same topic every time they meet. What is the point of these repeated, pointless scenes?

Cut to a birthday party for Johnny. Dear lord, he really did just write this movie to vicariously experience things he'd otherwise never enjoy.

Later on, after the guests have left, Mark and Lisa start doing it on the couch again. A random character, not that other guy, don't worry about it, catches them and confronts them. Mark storms out. Random #2 yells at her a little, managing to mention that Johnny's "very sensitive".

Cut to another social gathering of some kind. Johnny announces to everyone that he and Lisa are expecting a child! Yay!! Somehow it's still his birthday. And oh snap, Lisa confesses to her Random Girl and Random #2 that there's no baby. She just said that to "make things interesting".

Wow. What a bitch.

At one point in the conversation Lisa tells them they worry too much about her, to which Random Girl retorts, "We're not worried about you, we're worried about Johnny." The masturbatory nature of this screenplay becomes ever clearer.

Mark later demands to know if the baby is his. Lisa refuses to answer his question and slaps him. Johnny intervenes and they scuffle awkwardly.  He immediately apologizes and takes Lisa outside to have a word. We don't get to see what they spoke about. Cut to Lisa and Mark slow dancing together. Johnny comes over again and confronts them, scuffling with Mark again. I'm confused. Is he or isn't he angry?

After a little more awkward scuffling and decrying his friends for betraying him and tricking him and not caring anymore he walks off.

God damn.

Ending: Johnny kills himself, Mark, Lisa and Danny sob over his corpse.

Jesus fuck, that was horribifuckus. Yes, horribifuckus.
In other news, I'm going to be out of town in a few hours and won't be back til Monday. There probably won't be posts til then. Also I didn't want to post a separate post saying so. The last time I did that it threw off my one-a-day post count. In fact, I want to remedy that now.