Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today's witty exchange

I have a baby sister who, through no fault of mine own
(⌐ ⌐__) (__¬ ¬),
likes to hit people. She hasn't yet mastered her muscle control so she goes all out! Despite being 12 years younger she can deal massive amounts of damage and frequently beats her older siblings (savagely, I might add). This may sound funny to you guys but her fists are like little rocks! Rocks I say!! ~( ಠ◡ಠ)9"......( />.<)\

So today, we sat her down to discuss her lack of control:

My bro: Man, stop hitting with all your strength! See when we hit you it's at half power, like so *whack* but when you hit it's like this *pound*.
Me: Yeah, stop beatin' us so savagely.
Bro: SAVAGELY! Just wailin' on us!
Me: Like Smithers.
Me & Bro laugh heartily.

If you don't get the pun.... go back to watching South Park or something.