Friday, August 5, 2011

Living a thousand times

You want to know why I rant so much about movies and such? It isn't because I have lots of anger. No, no, it's because have standards for things, entertainment included. The movies and books are especially important to me because these are the ones that mass amounts of people will read or watch. These works of fiction serve to weave people together. Everyone has different lives, different experiences, but when two people have read the same book, watched the same tv shows they have a common ground of vicarious experience. And there's one of my favorite words right there by the way.
I have never actually fought demons on mountaintops nor have I caught the hand of a friend as they fell into an abyss but through the many fantastic stories I've consumed, I kinda have. These adventures have allowed me to 'see' and 'do' so many things. I've killed, loved, saved, and lived (and died) thousands of times through these stories. And that's why I'm like, "Hey now hey, I wouldn't do that, hey wait a- dammit. whydja go and INVESTIGATE alone you idiot!"