Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Messengers [2007] Pt.2

Posting for Saturday, 8/13.

Here's that scene that started all this.
Continuing this harrowing tale, the police arrive and the parents return to find...nothing. All the smashed furniture has reverted back to normal, leaving no sign anything unusual happened. This doesn't help the trust issues between Jess and Denise. Lolz, those ghosts done played you, girl!

Even though Ben also saw all the weirdness he can not corroborate her story. It turns out something Jess did before the movie has rendered him mute. Denise mentioned that Jess couldn't drive Roy to the hospital with a suspended license so I assume she drove drunk or something, crashed the car and got Ben hurt.

A creepy whisper awakens Jess in the night. She promptly finds Ben, also awake and standing in his crib. She recruits him to point out where the ghosts are walking. Somehow she cannot see them and they disappear when she turns her gaze upon them. That last part, I don't know why. Their appearances do not frighten the boy so why bother showing yourselves to him? And if they go so far as to make her hallucinate the house being destroyed and physically drag her into the cellar, why hide?

The adults, including John, do not believe her fantastical sounding story so she goes to the one person who will listen to her: Bobby, a boy of similar age from town whom she met earlier. He tells her about rumours that the house is haunted but apparently there is no knowledge that the previous family died. All he knows is that the family up and left a few years back, probably due to bad harvests.

Jess, being white, decides to go investigate the house's past. She finds a clue in the attic but of course the ghosts don't pass up this excellent opportunity to scare her a little bit. Black goop comes out of the floorboards and the ghouls come crawling on the ceiling, from under the staircase and up out of the ground. All of this disappears as quickly as it appeared and Jess dashes outside. The sun shines brightly over the fields of sunflowers. She starts to break down, wondering what is happening to her.
They do look creepy. I'll admit that!
The ghosts begin to step their game up, providing her with visions of the ill-fated mother in her final moments, whispered words and moans, and creeping about on the edges of her sight. The mother's ghost leads her to the barn where she finds a creepy little boy. He does the old lunge-and-screech. Jess ends up in the hospital with some minor cuts and bruises shaped like a tight gripping hand. Once again, the ghosts play her; the wounds look self-inflicted! Hohoho!

Now I have to wonder why the ghosts haven't been tormenting the mom and dad. Plus, they look like they actually get along with Ben! Go figure....
The family gets in a big fight and Jess takes off on her bike. By happy happenstance, Bobby comes by in his truck and gives her a ride. She reveals the story of how her parents came to lose their trust in her and how Ben lost his ability to speak. They go into town to look for clues.
Meanwhile, Denise speaks with Ben and she starts to get inklings that something IS going on here, something paranormal.
Meanwhile, John notices some odd behaviour amongst the crows.
I think they've been feasting on infected flesh....
It turns out John is actually the father of the previous family. The harvest of sunflowers that year was poor and things weren't working out between he and his wife, Mary. At the beginning of the movie she was packing some suitcases in preparation to leave him. He returned to the house in a rage, killing everyone. In the present time, he notices Denise placing a suitcase on the porch. Finally, the ghosts appeared before her and scared her straight. Unfortunately, John awakens as well. It seems he repressed his memories of his murderous rampage but these come bursting out now. He falls under the delusion that Denise is Mary.
Up until this point the acting in this movie hasn't been too bad, no Oscar performances here but no Razzie's either. They all start to decline now though.
John chases the wife and kids into the cellar where he gets taken down by the ghosts of his family. Nice... but why didn't they pick which side they were on earlier?
John tries to drag Jess down with him but both her parents grab her arms and tug her back out. Yay! Family power!! Flash forward some time, Roy and Denise are good again, Ben speaks, Bobby helps out on the farm. All around happy day caloo callay!

Crappy horror film. It had moments though. Just moments. You shouldn't watch this for the horror, but there are other reasons you might. (O_<)