Thursday, July 7, 2011

Notorious MSG

Left: Down-Lo Mein, Center: Hong Kong Fever, Right: Funky Buddha
One of my favorite comedy rap groups recently released their first full-length album, Heavy Ghetto. Most of their humor centers around Chinese stereotypes and the sprinkles of Cantonese in their lyrics so I won't blame anyone for not feeling instant love for these guys.

That's him on the left.
Funky Buddha is no longer with them. He died in a drive-by shooting outside a Chinese restaurant in 2005. Fortunately, he was replaced by The Hunan Bomb who looks a lot like a skinnier version of someone......

My personal favorites:

Kowloon Bay is one of their very early demo tracks so I can't find a better quality version of this song anywhere. A real shame, it's one of my favorites.