Sunday, July 31, 2011

Breaking Bad: Season 2 Episode 10

Watching Season 2 Episode 10 of Breaking Bad. Walt pays for a new water heater with his fat stacks and realizes one of them has Spooge's blood on it. But wait.


I expected a little more know-how from this show. Blood contains oxygen and iron. After the blood has dried and the cells have died the iron reacts with air and rusts, creating the brown colour. Come on, Mr. White!

Or maybe I am asking for too much. I guess this is more Dexter's material. lol

The bad-ass clip that I posted, when Walt confronts those guys frontin' on his turf, comes at the end of this episode. In the context of the plot-line the scene takes on SO much more significance. Walt has come to realize that he LIKES being a bad-ass. His career in the drug underworld isn't over yet.... no sir.