Wednesday, July 20, 2011

K-ON! Ep.4

This episode is a beach episode, so fan service is a given. Nothing wrong with that but please can we get some music going here?

It turns out Mio is on my side, she also makes note of the fact that 3 months (3 episodes for me) have passed with no actual band activity. They go to the beach to have a sort of band boot camp.

Of course this goes according to plan. Yep.
At one point Ritsu makes a reference to "Zipangu, the land of gold". Maybe this one only made a East Asian history fan like myself laugh but oh well. (^__^)

You think that scene was the music playing we'd been waiting for? I wish. It gets overlaid with some wistful tune music instead.

Then finally after that, they get to playing. It turns out Yui is some kind of idiot savant when it comes to playing the guitar. Woot! Let the music roll in, yeah!