Sunday, July 17, 2011

K-ON! Ep.1

Watching first episode now. The animation quality is really good, I can say that with certainty. 11 minutes in so far, it isn't bad but I don't see anything that explains this series' rabid fanbase.

The character designs are pretty distinctive, especially those eyebrows....

 This reference to Detroit Metal City made me laugh. (^__^)
Here, Mio gets kicked under the table in the background. It struck me that a few years ago that sort of thing wouldn't have happened. I guess I would say economy of action would have made that action the focus of a frame or it wouldn't have happened at all.

Our merry band of bandmates:

Mio and Ritsu
Akiyama Mio - bass

Hirasawa Yui - guitar

Kotobuki Tsumugi - keyboard

Tainaka Ritsu - drums

I think you'll either love or hate Tsumugi's eyebrows.
Yui is a klutz and doesn't actually know how to play a guitar.
That was the first episode. Nothing happened to really hook me but it wasn't bad.