Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breaking Bad: Family Problems

Eight episodes into the second season now, Walt's second life has started to cause problems with his family. This should surprise no one. Walt isn't a very good liar when it comes to his wife. At this point he is still only an amateur criminal. He has his moments of bad-assery now and then but he has a ways to go before he reaches the point featured in that hardware store clip.

Because Walt is such a bad liar (where his wife is concerned anyway), those scenes do not entertain me. Futhermore, Skyler strikes me as an unintelligent character, which doesn't help things. I feel like Walt should be able to pull the wool over her eyes much better than he has been. Some of the cover lies he tells make me cringe. I think of the lie I would have told in his situation as the conversation rolls on. Then he goes in a different direction, one that can unravel with a single phone call between two people he assumes won't call each other. I wait for the times when his 'opponents' are thugs and bad guys so he can turn into Heisenberg.