Friday, July 22, 2011

K-ON! Ep.5

Sooooo hot here.....(- -_____;;;;)";`

And it is suitably hot this episode too.

Seems like the music playing is starting to pick up. Yui was holding her guitar in the first minute!

But hold on!!! It turns out the club isn't officially recognized because Ritsu forgot to submit a Club Form. Har har har. They go around and pull in, of course, the only adult character we've been introduced to: Sawako Yamanaka, to be supervisor.

When she touches the guitar she changes drastically. Fortunately, she agrees to be club supervisor although they soon realize they are missing a vocalist. (Also Ritsu blackmails her.)

This role falls to Yui, who has to learn to play and sing at the same time.

Still, she's stupid and naturally can't remember to sing AND play at the same time so it goes to....

MIO! YAY!! The shy and most easily frightened one will be put on the spot! Brilliant!