Monday, July 18, 2011

K-ON! Ep.2

Still no OP sequence yet, we just go into a cold open.

Based solely on hearsay I had thought Mio was the main character but it turns out its Yui. This episode focused on Yui getting her hands on a guitar, kind of a big deal for the guitarist in the band haha. (^_^;;)7

Most of the episode revolves around the gang getting part-time jobs to get enough money for Yui's dream guitar. They end up working as Traffic Surveyors, counting the number of cars that pass.

Besides the missing OP there has hardly been any music playing activity either. I'm sure the show picks up when we get to that part right? Otherwise this is turning out to be a plain slice-of-life type show. Nothing wrong with that, but not what I want out of this one.

In the end it turns out that Tsumugi is the guitar company's president's daughter. She gets the clerk to sell the guitar to them at a low price such that they didn't have to get those part-time jobs in the first place.

W/e. (- -____;;)7