Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Dark Knight Falls... Flat On His Face

Watched The Dark Knight Rises [2012] yesterday. It was a mess. I don't know what that movie was trying to say. Isn't this the same Gotham that contained convicts that refused to blow up citizens on the other boat and vice versa? Isn't this the city that's "full of people ready to believe in good"? Well, apparently they really do get along with convicts just fine. To the point of shooting at cops with assault rifles and charging to meet them in battle like some kind of medieval engagement. The final street battle was all kinds of retardation and contrivance, by the way.

Apparently all it takes to make people repudiate Harvey Dent, their white knight, is for a masked madman to read from a ream of papers which he claims to be the true story of Dent's demise written by the police commissioner. That doesn't even sound likely even though it was true.

And Bane's character. Besides the use of the name 'Bane' he really had nothing to do with the Batman universe character of that name. They never made note of any strength-enhancing drugs, a hallmark of the character. He also wasn't a massive person at all. He was of above-average stature at best. He only sporadically exhibited any measure of 'super-human' strength. Without the name I'd have thought he was just an above-averagely strong man the entire movie.

Catwoman's character never really got any development. I think they just needed a pretty face and a happy ending for Bruce.

At the end of the film John Blake (Gordon-Levitt) reveals his legal name is 'Robin John Blake'? Not Dick Grayson? I was disappointed at that.

And, of course, Bale's "Batman voice" is still as ridiculous as ever. It seemed like everyone knew Bruce was really Batman and yet, when in costume, he'd still talk to them using that voice.