Friday, August 3, 2012


So you remember those kewl taekwondo pins they're selling over in the Team USA shop?

When I get my hands on one of those I'm going to cherish it cuz it's so cool. But is it really something to get excited about? Is it really special and/or rare? Well, no. They sell 'em to anyone who wants one or three. But I think about it and I believe I could go my whole life and never encounter another person in the street with this pin displayed on their backpack. I believe that makes it rare in a de facto manner, doesn't it? There could be a giant stockpile of these left sitting in a warehouse somewhere when the 2016 Olympics come around but that doesn't mean anything to the rest of us, does it? Does it matter? Not really.

I still want one. When I click on the Shop link on the official London 2012 Olympics website it automatically re-directs me to the Team USA shop. You guys who live in other countries, does your Olympic shop sell different looking TKD pins? I'm pretty sure these products aren't individually designed, these are official London Olympic memorabilia.