Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jingoist Cunt John Leonard

What the fuck is this?

John Leonard, a U.S. swim coach, believes Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen's gold medal victory in the women's 400m Individual Medley event was due to "genetic manipulation" or "doping".
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She set a new world record and beat the second place swimmer, Elizabeth Beisel (U.S.), by a good two body lengths or almost 3 seconds. Leonard's choice words to describe this accomplishment: "disturbing" and "unbelievable".

Where were these words when Ryan Lochte (U.S.) sped to gold in the men's equivalent earlier today? He finished a full three body lengths ahead of the rest of the field. More than 3.5 seconds faster than the silver medalist, Thiago Pereira. Nothing but praise and accolades for him though.

Oh hey, I have NBC on behind me and I just saw the women's 200m individual medley. Guess what commentary I hear as the swimmers prepare?
"...and there's Yee Sheewen. Some... er, top sports officials have questioned the validity of her performance".
Yeah. Right. 'Top sports officials', as in a single official. Your official.

By the way, her name is pronounced like the sentence, "Yeah, sure, when". And she got gold in the event, mo' fukkas.