Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dream 8/24/2012

I was the captain of a trans-dimensional passenger airship called the NHS Tangible. The inter-planar space looked like the Gummi ship travel zone from Kingdom Hearts. I ferried people from one reality to another, docking at ports by "dropping" back into solid space at predetermined coordinates. Those coordinates corresponded to massive hangar bays in the target dimension. They functioned like airlocks of sorts. All air would be sucked out to maintain a vacuum before allowing a ship to come in. Dangerous stuff happens when matter appears in preoccupied space.

Anyway, our Wraith drive started to malfunction mid-shipment and we started jettisoning cargo back into solid space to "lighten the load". Normally, dropping material haphazardly into inter-planar space is a heinous crime because you never know where and in which solid dimension this stuff will end up but in emergency situations the law made exceptions.