Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dream 8/13/2012

I had myself a messenger pigeon hawk.

Oh, first do you know how messenger pigeons work? Well, they are these pigeons that are trained to always return to 'home'. Humans started training and using these animals to deliver messages over long distances back in the pre-internet days. I'd always thought they had some kind of uncanny ability to seek out an addressee, but no. The reality is much more mundane. You had to deliver the bird first, probably in a cage, to the addressee and then that person would attach a message to the pigeon before releasing it and the bird would then fly back to its home, where the sender would receive a reply. So really, it is a one-way communication device.

Well, in my dream I remedied this failing. I had myself a "messenger pigeon hawk". What is this strange avian device, you wonder? It's a hawk specially trained to nab messenger pigeons from their homes and bring them to me! Then I'd write a note and attach it to the pigeon normally. I'd eliminated the slowest portion of the process, the initial delivery of the bird over land.
Do you know how hard it is to train a hawk not to eat its prey? And to handle it gently? Those talons aren't made to hold something softly, I'll have you know.