Monday, June 13, 2011

Wub- I mean dubstep?

Before I saw threads laughing about it on 4chan I saw a few posts about it from one of my FaceBook friends. For a while I was confused as to whether it was a dance style or a music genre or both (like European jumpstyle or hardstyle). After this question got answered (the answer is C) I was confused about something else. What is up with this fanbase? I don't hate on the wub-wubs but I also don't think it's the most amazing thing ever.

My question: Why are some people so vocal about their love for dubstep? Is it just 'newest fad' syndrome?

I like that track. It's smooth and the piano melody is calming. The vocals bring it all together nicely, despite the fact that I can't make out anything the voice is saying.

This one I don't care for so much. The Cup-Stacking Girl's "OH MY GOSH!" sound bites were funny but otherwise, just lots of hard drops and bass.

What do you think?