Monday, June 13, 2011

Idiosyncrasy #1: Extra 'U'

I was born in the States, went to school here and learned American English in class but for some reason I always write and type 'colour' and 'behaviour'. How did British spelling get in there? (O.o)7 ??

I don't know. Was it reading Harry Potter in 5th grade? Was that it? An impressionable age to be sure, but why? I must investigate...
~~(__ಠಠ )
My mother was born in Hong Kong. The English held Hong Kong for years, right? This influence trickled into her mind and was passed on to me. She speaks English with a slight British accent sometimes. The extra vowel lay dormant for years until I came upon this children's book series, written by a British author, and BAM! Colors became COLOURS! Yes...that must be how it happened...


And with that I am back on track. A triple post day! I realized I actually missed a Friday AND a Saturday post so this should make everything hunky-dory. Yes, indeedy.