Friday, June 24, 2011

J(apanese)/K(orean) Horror vs American Horror Pt.2

Nevertheless, American horror in the 2000s didn't totally reinvent itself. The slasher/gore front stayed strong with such blockbuster franchises as Saw [1 film per year from 2004-2010] and Hostel/+Part 2 [2005/2007]. In fact, a new term was coined during this period for these gore fests: torture porn, a fitting description wouldn't you say?

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a shining example of the differences between American and Asian horror. A clip from the classic Japanese film, Kairo. Apologies for how dark it is though.
P.S. I did not make nor did I upload this clip though I wish I had on both counts.

First 3 minutes
Do you see how the woman quietly appeared in the corner, quite far from where he was standing? In an American film she would have appeared directly behind him accompanied by a loud sound. Notice how she slowly walked towards him? That stumble she makes is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. In an American film she would have walked towards him then suddenly teleport forward a couple of feet, possibly probably startling him and causing him to stumble back and fall over. Then she would lunge directly towards the camera while making a loud screeching sound zombies and other monsters find popular these days. For examples on the 'Screech & Lunge' see this at 2:10 and this at 1:51.

Rest of clip
You might have to watch the movie to get what's going on here. (O___<) *wink*
Anyhoo- DO IT (ಠ_ಠ) DO IT NOW NOW NAO
Anyway @6:57 You can be assured that in an American film something would have startled her and you, the audience, when she turned the light on. The maker of this video was also aware of this convention.

A clip from the remake, Pulse, for comparison but not for pleasure.


 Of particular note is the moment @1:27 when the thing with many arms jumps out at her. A typical cheap jump scare moment.