Sunday, June 12, 2011

Upcoming Movie Posts

I like watching movies a lot. In fact one reason I got a job at a Regal theater a few years ago was for the free movie privileges. It made up for the not-much-to-speak-of pay, most definitely. If you ever heard me talk about any movies though, you'd probably have the opposite impression. In conversations I usually don't 'discuss' or 'talk about' the movie, I rant. I rant about the stupidity of the characters, the casting, the storyline, etc.

Occasionally I watch popular bad movies, e.g. Twilight, Avatar, The Last Airbender (separate movies), Dragonball Evolution, in a process I like to call "knowing the enemy". I don't mean movies that are so bad they're good. These movies truly suck. But I don't want to hate on them without knowing what I'm talking about. I believe this to be no kind of high ground. And so I make the sacrifice, I watched all three Twilight movies. I read the books too, for the same reason. *shudder*

Since I missed a post Friday I'm going to double post at some point to make up for it. I don't know if I can keep up a '1 post per day' rate and still keep things meaningful- ah what am I saying, I have so much to say! Of course I can! I can promise you that I'll miss some days since I'll be doing something else but I'll do my best to keep the right amount going.