Friday, June 17, 2011

Idiosyncrasy #2: Repeat Segment

I always listen to songs on 1 Track Repeat. At any given time I fancy one particular song and I am happy to listen to it over and over for extended periods.

I 'spose this next thing is a separate idiosyncrasy but it is also music related so I'll put it here too. Actually...the #2 refers to the number of the post ABOUT my idiosyncrasies, not the idiosyncrasies themselves! ha-HAA!! Brilliant! The system is saved. (^_________________^)

Sometimes I only like small segments of songs, the rest I may not care for. They may even be as short as 4-7 seconds, maybe less. Then there are other songs where I like a segment a lot more than the rest of the song but as a whole I like the song, too.

These two idiosyncrasies combine to create a special place in my heart for this site. There you can find looped snippets of popular songs, and it never stops!

Snippets that I like more than the rest:
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Have You Ever Seen The Rain? [0:00-0:08]
"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Saga Begins [2:34-2:43]
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours [0:00-0:11]
Epik High - Umbrella [0:17-0:35]
Garry Schyman/Palbasha Siddique - Praan [3:07-3:11] (Only four seconds long, I did not lie)
How to Destroy Angels - The Space in Between [0:00-0:32]
Lady Gaga - Alejandro [0:29-0:46] (In other news, better off listening to Ace of Base - The Sign.)

Snippets that are the only part I like:
Rihanna - Only Girl [0:00-0:15]
Nodame Cantabile-Konna ni Chikaku de [0:00-0:18]
MGMT - Kids [Just go to that site I linked to up there. The segment is on the page lower down somewhere.]
Escaflowne OST - Dance of Curse [0:00-0:18]
Kalafina - Hikari no Senritsu [0:00-0:13 AND 0:34-0:36]

There's more but that should give you an idea. For many of the songs that I only like a snippet of, I used Audacity to create a 1:30 track of nothing but that segment looped multiple times.

I used to have an old mp3 player that allowed you to press a button and create a temporary A-point and B-point on the track and the player would loop the segment. I've never seen this feature on any other mp3 players.