Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Trailers

Some trailers just disappoint me so much. The trailer makes the movie look so good but then I go see the movie and it falls flat. Yes, the purpose of a trailer is to sell the movie and attract viewers and oftentimes the movie isn't good or doesn't live up to the hype. This post is about specific instances when the gulf between expectation and reality turned out especially wide.

Then there are the trailers that contain the best parts and/or edit footage from the movie so that it makes stuff seem to happen that didn't. That might seem confusing so I'll start with that.

The most recent instance of that one would be the A-Team [2010]. In the trailer you had Mr. T whistling the A-Team theme song while masquerading as a window cleaner. That was awesome. It didn't happen in the movie. (ㅎ︵ㅎ)

Your Highness [2011] looked like it would be so funny. Sadly, it seems that they used every single one of their good jokes in that trailer. Wait, let me phrase that more scathingly: Sadly, it seems that every single one of their good jokes fit into that 3 and 1/2 minute trailer. The rest of the 1 hour 40 minutes ended up as filler.

Hancock [2008] is an odd bit.

In fact, I liked the movie. It could have been better but it wasn't bad. I actually appreciated how the trailer kept such a good lid on the twist! Truly a rare feat these days. If you haven't seen probably won't so I'll deliver spoilers with abandon. When Charlize Theron revealed that she had super powers, I was legitimately surprised. That doesn't happen too often, let me tell you. Unfortunately, the latter half of the movie broke down and its ending lacked any kind of impact but over-all it remained an entertaining film. My disappointment with the trailer lies more with the fact that the movie didn't go as far with its premise as it could and should have. Ironically, despite my satisfaction with the trailer's non-spoiler-ness, I wish the movie had stuck with what the trailer made it seem to be about.