Sunday, February 9, 2014

Disney Movies - Frozen [2013]

Finally went and saw it. I went on a Wednesday afternoon to avoid families and was rewarded for my good planning: completely empty theater. I got the best seat in the house (dead center row & column) and settled in to finally enjoy the vehicle for my current favorite song.

Verdict: I liked Tangled [2010] more. Yep. I really didn't expect that. There was a comment on one of the Let It Go YouTube videos that said, "I liked the songs in Tangled more". At the time I thought, "What? If the single song I'm listening to from Frozen is so good even if the other songs are of slightly lower caliber they should still be great." Well, now I find that I agree with that guy. I'd go so far as to say that with the exception of the one song I thought all of Tangled's songs were better than Frozen's. ╮(╯ヮ╰)╭

Songs aside, I also didn't like the characters as much either! Sven the reindeer was just a lesser repeat of Maximus the horse. Sven just didn't have the same range of facial expression. Having Kristoff speak for Sven was unnecessary with Max. And let's not forget Pascal and Olaf. I actually rolled my eyes when Olaf started to sing about summer. All of his visual gags i.e. carelessly impaling himself on an icicle, his frequent decapitations and amputations, etc. stank of "Let's make them kids laugh".
But I didn't laugh. (- -)

All the same, thank you, Disney, for giving us at least that one amazing song and another great animated film. I liked it, just not as much as I'd hoped and expected to.