Monday, February 3, 2014

Coca-Cola Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

It's a playlist including the commercial itself and a whole bunch of interview/behind-the-scenes videos of the different singers. I didn't watch the Super Bowl (I hear it sucked) but the commercials are always something to look at. I heard about this commercial yesterday. It is a mash-up of singers singing "America the Beautiful" in different languages. NOW DOESN'T THAT CONCEPT SOUND FAMILIAR? (O_____o)

All the same though, I must admit that I just don't like that song much, so, multiple languages notwithstanding, I only stopped in to the YouTube page to make sure America was still racist. Not disappointed. I don't have a Twitter account but if I did I would have checked there, too.

I wasn't planning to watch the whole video or blog about it either but Z-girl sent me a link and, well, I had to address it at that point. Watched all the videos, listened to all the songs/interviews.

Didn't like it.

Liked the languages, don't care for the song, hate children.

Most of the songs are sung by native-speaking children. Now, I'm an equal opportunity child-hater so lemme tell ya, I didn't like any of 'em. Weren't there any professional adult singers around?

Final notes: err... during the Hindi interview the girl says, "We are all the same, we just have different background and that's ok". I disagree. We aren't all the same, I don't think that's the right message. We are all equal. But we aren't all the same.

Oh, and then the one gay couple for some reason. Isn't that a separate issue? Or are we just lumping all minorities of any kind whatsoever into one issue?