Sunday, February 2, 2014

Disney Movies - Bambi [1942]

Ohohohohoho, yes, that's right. I NEVER WATCHED BAMBI. Not in English, not in Canto, not in any language. I just went through childhood and missed it. I think I was sick the day everyone watched it in grade school.
Here's a shocker: Bambi is a male! Well, damn, I dunno why but I always assumed dat deer was a doe not a dude.

Bambi, left. Faline, right.
Good for him, finding love so quickly.
And death.
Not so good for him.

Fun fact: The art director for Bambi was a Tyrus Wong, a Chinese American born in Guangdong. That means he's a Canto speaker! That's right, I say is a Canto speaker. The man is still alive at 103 years old.


Still listening to Let It Go. Apparently, I have no ear for Italian. While shuffling through the playlist, I can accurately identify what language I'm listening to most of the time, even distinguishing between the Nordic languages like Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. But not Italian. I get Italian wrong almost every time. (T_T)