Saturday, May 9, 2015

Farewell to Another Old Chum

It's been a little over a year since last time and I've just retired the second Gmail account I ever made. This should be the last major event of this type as I don't intend to do another open-one/close-one email account renovation.

The address was Yes, the [rahnoehk] naming convention was a trio of Gmail accounts. As you know, regular rahnoehk retired in March 2014. I used that account for business matters like job and education-related material. I used dark rahnoehk for... everything else. If I needed an email address for something, anything at all, that didn't fit into "job stuff" or "school stuff" darkrahnoehk rolled out. Unfortunately, dark has gotten old and riddled with spammy disease because of its promiscuous ways. It was young. It was foolish. It didn't know about disposable email addresses back then. Gmail filters out all spam with ease but I think it's time to just start fresh. (Besides, it doesn't fit the new naming convention I use.)

( ̄___ ̄)7

P.S. Check out the dead link to Grooveshark in that other post, eh? Damn, I mean, I'm not super surprised they shut down because of copyright difficulties, but they'd been around for a couple of years so I figured they'd somehow slipped notice successfully. Guess not.

P.P.S. You might be saying, "Hey, if there was a regular rahnoehk and a dark rahnoehk then where was/is light rahnoehk?" Well, good on you for paying attention. That's the address/account I use for this blog/Google+ profile. I've looked into migrating this entire blog over to another account but it turns out it would break all the images in all past posts. That's a lot of damage so it's a good thing I'm not completely OCD for conceptual uniformity with my Google account names.