Sunday, May 10, 2015

Father & Son

Real summer weather has finally started to come around this past week. In the face of the ominous approaching heat I've taken it upon myself to clean out the dust in all the family computers currently in use (3). And these things haven't been dusted... ever.

So as I was dusting the interior my dad walked past and came over to give me some unsolicited and (in my opinion) unnecessary cautionary advice about static electricity. He was an electrical engineer so he knows what he's talking about on this topic but this ain't my first rodeo for something so simple as dusting electronic components, I'll have you know. In addition, I'm more than familiar with the evils of static electricity. The main thing though: I think that was the first time we ever had what I imagine to be "normal" father/son conversation, complete with banter and laughter. I've never been close with my father and I don't believe we ever will be but I caught a glimpse of what might be in another universe, perhaps.