Friday, March 7, 2014

Farewell Ol' Buddy

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Today I retired the first Gmail account I ever made. It's creation marked the beginning of an era of quality email. Gone were the days of cluttered Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL email inboxes. Gmail had these things called 'conversations' that organized email threads so much better.

The address was Seems like a nonsensical name, right? Well, 'Rahno Ehk' is actually a cipher of 'Henry Ing', the fake English name I used in school at the time. Well, cipher is technically what it is, but I arrived at the result by translating English to the imaginary language of Al Bhed. Yes, the language of those guys with the machina from Final Fantasy X.

I liked that game, but in retrospect I didn't like it SO much that I was obsessed with it or anything. I just needed a new, unique email address and shit like "" just wouldn't cut it. The email address I'd been using prior to Gmail was, get this, "chopper_butterfly@hotmail/yahoo/". Sound strange? Well, it should. And even stranger, how did I produce that name? By using a Metal Gear Solid boss name generator. Me and video games have a special relationship.

All the same, I've moved on to a different naming convention now. Rest in peace, digital mailbox. Rest in peace.