Monday, December 8, 2014

Dream 2014/12/4

I have a pretty good inkling on where my subconscious drew inspiration for those strange weapon names. Firstly, I believe the spark came from a repeated phrase in "A Song of Ice and Fire":
All the best swords have names.
Going further back, the best swords from "The Lord of the Rings" also had names, e.g. Glamdring, Orcrist, Sting. Finally, let's not forget just how badass names can be in the Halo universe.
I had a cat I called Recon. My friends would play with him by pointing across the room and saying, "Deploy scout!" (He would.) They would do this because they thought 'Recon' was short for 'Reconnaissance'. His name was actually short for 'Reconsideration'.

And that's all there was. Although at this point, if I ever get a pet, feline or otherwise, guess what I'll be naming it?