Sunday, December 7, 2014

Prequel Dream to Dream 2014/12/4

So first, the prequel dream. No date on it because I can't remember when I had it. I am amazed I didn't write it down and/or post it the day after. And now I'm paying for that mistake. I have forgotten some major details by now, I tell you. Actually the forgetting was a bit useful in a way because that's what made me think about it again, which in turn prompted me to have a related dream that night and to make this post now. Silver linings, I 'spose?
The most memorable feature of this dream is the unusual names of the weapons. I can only remember two names now but there were others. There were others.... (T_T)

Indigent Fury: a metal staff
It started as a normal, nondescript staff but as it sustained blows, whether from striking or being struck, it started to literally heat up. After a threshold was reached it started dealing explosive damage. It's kinda hard to describe if you are completely unfamiliar with video games.

This was my opponent's weapon. As I fought him it got *really* tricky because blocking his attacks and HAVING my attacks blocked had negative consequences. I couldn't even play passively. Dodging his attacks took a lot of physical stamina and started to wear me down. Blocking his attacks was even worse because his weapon got stronger as the fight went on.

Ephemeral Guilt: a broadsword
Actually maybe I should be more specific. You're probably thinking of a European two-handed weapon, right? Well, when I say broadsword I mean a Chinese dao.

Apparently my subconscious is unafraid of being sued because it totally stole this sword's ability from Charon's Claw, a weapon that appears in the Legend of Drizzt series. Charon's Claw was wielded by Artemis Enteri who, you might recall, was one of my favorite book characters. 

At will I could cause the blade to release a thick layer of ash. If I did so while swinging I could create opaque curtains of ash that obscured my opponent's vision. Somehow the blade also gave me the ability to see through these curtains. Unfortunately, even though I had this knowledge, I was so preoccupied with figuring out a strategy against Indigent Fury that I did not utilize this ability at any point.

I remember other weapons with interesting names but I don't remember the names themselves. That really grinds my gears. And it turns out I didn't even tell Z-girl about this dream! And I usually tell her all my cool dreams. As I reflect on the matter though, I think the reason I skipped this one was because there really wasn't any plot or story here. It's interesting for me because I "experienced" the fight but there's not much to tell. But if I had told her though then she might recall some of those lost weapons. FOR SHAME!