Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Is What I've Been Waiting For. Finally!

Well, it's the end of March and therefore all versions of Frozen [2013] will have been released in all their respective countries. More importantly they'll have been released in all 43 languages, which, in turn, means I should finally be able to find high quality versions of "Let It Go" in 42 languages. If you'll recall, the French Canadian release reused the mainland French-sung songs.

Call me a weaboo but this is what I've really been waiting for.


But wait! Take a closer look at the release date for this video.
There is no fucking way this video has been out for months. No way. Well, not viewable by me anyway. If there was some kind of region locking going on here, why? Japan was one of the last to get the movie, why restrict this one clip? Everyone else already has their languages uploaded.